After entering their affiliate ID and you can code, you’re offered the user Availability Confirmation webpage

After entering their affiliate ID and you can code, you’re offered the user Availability Confirmation webpage

When your student’s mortgage data is unavailable within forty five weeks from disbursement, it’s also possible to contact new Guaranty Company, Head Loan Servicing Center or even the student’s college

31. What is Representative Supply Confirmation? NSLDS must protect the personally identifiable information (PII) in the database and this page allows NSLDS to detect automated users who attempt to access the system without authorization. A box will display with letters and numbers that may be slightly distorted. Follow the instructions and enter what you see in the blank box. Then, click Submit Response

32. What the results are basically can’t read what is about package? If you have difficulty viewing the current image, click the refresh button on your internet browser for a new image to display. If you hit enter without attempting to replicate what you see, it will count as an ”attempt”. You will have three attempts to enter the image correctly in order to gain access to the data in NSLDS.

33. What are the results easily purchased 3 times and you can failed? The User Access Verification tool, called CAPTCHA, will lock out a user that has failed to correctly enter the image displayed after 3 attempts. This prevents unauthorized users from gaining access to the personally identifiable information (PII) in NSLDS. If you tried unsuccessfully 3 times you will receive a message that says ”You have failed the verification test. Your account has been disabled. Please contact the Customer Support Center at (800) 999-8219 for further assistance.”

34. What are the results easily in the morning secured from the Member Supply Confirmation? Your user ID will be inoperable and you will not be able to gain access to NSLDS. Call the Customer Support Center immediately at (800) 999-8219 to discuss your situation with a customer support representative. Explain what has happened. Your identity will be verified and your attempts will be evaluated to determine if you can regain access.

35. Can i rating re also-instated after are locked from the Representative Supply Confirmation? Call the Customer Support Center immediately at (800) 999-8219. The customer support representative will verify your identity. The situation will be evaluated to determine if you can regain access.

37. Can you imagine what in the NSLDS are completely wrong? You should contact the data provider included in the NSLDS record and provide them with information that assists the data provider in its investigation and possible correction of the errors. If the data provider is unable or unwilling to correct the data, contact the NSLDS Customer Support Center.

Having Government Student Assistance Representative ID (FSA ID) and you will passwords laws and regulations, availableness Let to your Sign on – Federal Education loan Data System webpage

38. Can you imagine info is lost regarding NSLDS? Due to time lapses in reporting, the most current information may not be contained in NSLDS at the time of inquiry.

39. How do i care for copy overpayment bills said so you can NSLDS? We have identified a small number of duplicate overpayment debts in NSLDS. These duplicates show the same overpayment as being held by a school and also by the Department’s Debt Collection Service (DCS). They occur when the identifiers for the overpayment are not properly reported and matched. The method described below is the fastest and most efficient way to update a student’s record if he or she is being denied aid as a result of a duplicate overpayment debt.

For individuals who see one among them times when deciding eligibility to have an applicant, and you’re sure if the 2 overpayments try precisely the same, you may want to pay the college student Title IV services once you’ve resolved new overpayment material and the pupil was if you don’t eligible.

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